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Naked Boating and swinging in TexasDid you attend a Texas Swingers Party in 2011?  If not, then you missed out on some very sexy fun, but no need to worry because we here there are going to be even bigger and better Texas Swingers Parties in 2012!  One of our absolute favorite party in 2011 was the Boobs, Butts and Boats party held at Hippy Hollow just outside of Austin!  OMG, this was not only the best Texas Swingers party of all time, it may have been the best damn party of any kind that we have ever attended anywhere in the world!  This was the 6th BBB party and we cannot wait for BBB VII!  You can register early for Boobs, Butts, and Boats as well as almost any other swingers party in Texas by creating a quick profile on Kasidie, the number 1 swingers site in Texas!

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What is the best way for a couple or even a single male or female to meet other real Texas Swingers?

Fortunately for all of us new or experienced Texas Swingers who enjoy the open minded Swingers Lifestyle,  meeting other sexy Texas couples and singles who are interested in playing with others, has never been easier.  There are so many great swingers parties and swingers clubs being hosted in cities all over Texas and throughout the world.  Whether you are interested in meeting swingers in Dallas, attending a swingers party in Austin, finding a sexy single girl to join you and your wife for a threesome in Houston, orwant to meet an open minded couple in San Antonio, meeting and playing with real Texas swingers can be a reality.

It used to be more difficult to meet other swingers in Texas, and it was almost impossible if you lived in a smaller town.  There were even some overly conservative politicians and law enforcement that tried to shut down Texas swingers clubs and swingers parties in various parts of Texas.  We still choose to be very discreet with our swinging activities, but things have gotten much easier for anyone who is interested in joining our growing Texas swingers community. 

The internet has made it so much easier to get comfortable at your own pace with the idea of swinging.  For us, the exploration of swinging came about because both of us were having fantasies about a threesome with another woman.  We joined an Online Swingers Website and within a week met another couple from a small Texas town, that had the same girl / girl fantasies that we had.  That 1st night the husbands just watched as the women made their bisexual fantasies a reality. 

That 1st couple has now become our very best friends and they were also the 1st couple that we had a full swap experience with.  We just took a week long ski trip together to Vail, and we had as much fun in the bedroom, and in the hot tub, as we had on the slopes.  We have been members of 4 swingers websites overall, and our absolute favorite is a site called Kasidie.  They have a thriving Texas Swingers Community and you can get started with a FREE ELITE membership by following our link!

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Texas Swingers is the source for Swingers in Texas, or swingers visiting the Lone Star State. If you are thinking about attending your first swingers party, or you just want more information on all of the great Texas Swingers Clubs, and Texas Swingers Parties, then we are here to help.

We are real Texas swingers and we have built this site to help anyone who wants to be a part of the exciting and growing Texas Swingers scene. If you are brand new to the idea of swinging we will do our best to answer questions and steer you in the right direction. There are some great Swingers parties here in TX that make it very comfortable for a couple who is curious about swinging to get started in a casual and comfortable environment. We would love for you to join our growing Texas Swingers community.

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